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Tech Grade Tannic Acid
Goods Description:

  • Name:Tech Grade Tannic Acid

    Molecular formula: C76H52O46

    Molecular weight: 1701.18

    CAS NO:1401-55-4


Appearance: light yellow or light brown amorphous powder;

Quality index: in accordance with the national standard of GB5308-85.

Uses: material for making Tannic acid, Pyrogallic Acid and sulfa drugs . In the chemical production, it can produceGallic acid and Pyrogallic acid); as mud treatment agent in petroleum industry. In addition, can be used in the production of leather tanning agent, mordant, rubber curing agent, agent of proteins, alkaloids precipitation agent, mineral inhibitor, wine clarifying agent, the extraction of germanium and the configuration of the blue-black ink, etc

Storage: Moistureproof and avoid light, sealed storage

Packing: kraft bag, Net wt 25kg

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