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Methyl gallate
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  • Product name: Methyl gallate

    CAS No.: 99-24-1[1]

    Molecular formula: C8H8O5

    Molecular weight: 184.1461

    Density: 1.501g/cm3

    Melting point: 201-203 ℃ (157 ℃, hydrate or crystallization of solvation).

    Boiling point: 450.1°C at 760 mmHg

    Flash point: 190.8°C

    Vapor pressure: 1.02E-08mmHg at 25°C

    Descriptors: Monoclinic ribbed crystal(methanol). Soluble in hot water, ethanol, ethyl ether

    As the intermediate of biphenyl bisphenol and other drugs. and rubber antioxidant

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